Joe Biden Stumbles Over Lincoln Quote at Governors Ball Amid Age Concerns

 Joe Biden Stumbles Over Lincoln Quote at Governors Ball Amid Age Concerns

(Image: twitter/@CNBC)

At the Governors Ball Dinner, President Joe Biden, aged 81, faced difficulty while trying to accurately recite a quote from Abraham Lincoln concerning a divided nation. Positioned in front of Lincoln’s portrait, Biden endeavored to ensure precision in his quotation but encountered stumbling blocks.

The intended quote was from Lincoln’s first inaugural address on March 4, 1861, where Lincoln spoke eloquently about unity and the enduring bonds of friendship among Americans, even in times of strife. However, Biden’s rendition included several missteps and inaccuracies, leading to a somewhat confused delivery before the attending state leaders.

Additionally, Biden incorrectly referenced the timing of Lincoln’s words, suggesting they were spoken during the Civil War, which commenced a month after the inaugural address. This error, coupled with the muddled quote, suggested a need for a refresh in historical knowledge and speech delivery for the president, reported Daily Mail.

Following the mishap, Biden light-heartedly commented on his long tenure in politics and his age, drawing mild laughter from the audience. He then reflected on the current state of political discourse, lamenting its bitterness and personal attacks, contrasting it with earlier times.

A recent poll reveals significant public concern regarding the age of potential presidential candidates, with 86% of American voters considering Biden too old for another term. In contrast, 62% view former President Donald Trump, 77, as too old for re-entry into the White House. Among these, 59% believe both leading figures for the 2024 election are too aged, while 27% hold this view exclusively for Biden.

Partisan perspectives vary, with 73% of Democrats viewing Biden as too old, compared to 35% of Republicans who think the same of Trump. Among independents, a high percentage sees both candidates as beyond the preferable age for the presidency.

This sentiment is bolstered by a DOJ report questioning Biden’s memory and cognitive abilities, suggesting he may not be fit to face trial, further fueling the debate over the age and capability of potential presidential candidates.

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