“I am — and that’s what I think that someone up on this stage is doing.” Rep. Lauren Boebert Faces Marginalization in Colorado Congressional Debate


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) found herself notably marginalized during a significant debate on Monday night within the Colorado congressional district where she seeks to secure a foothold.

The atmosphere was notably tepid towards Boebert, with only one of her fellow Republican contenders in the bustling District 4th race mustering the courage to launch an attack against the outspoken MAGA figure, as detailed in the report.

Chris Phelan, as reported, queried the audience: “Are you sick and tired of people that are coming to Congress just to get more social media hits?” before adding, “I am — and that’s what I think that someone up on this stage is doing.”

Boebert’s presence at the Douglas County debate followed a contentious decision made late last year to withdraw from a risky race against Democratic rival Adam Frisch in her current district, instead opting for a run in the GOP’s most secure district in the state, as per a recent report by the Colorado Sun.

While Boebert’s new opponents may lack her level of name recognition, they possess a trove of headline-grabbing scandals and allegations of political opportunism to deploy against her, should they choose to do so.

According to the report, however, they refrained from doing so on Monday night. Boebert swiftly shifted blame onto Democrats for perceived shortcomings in the House, while staunchly defending what the Colorado Sun termed her “social media megaphone,” asserting, “I have used that bully pulpit to get a lot of things done.”

However, it seems a literal megaphone might have served Boebert better, as the report observed, “The other candidates on stage almost entirely ignored Boebert and stuck to their talking points.”

Following the debate, the Sun interviewed two undecided voters, one of whom remained open to Boebert’s candidacy while the other had already made up their mind.

Ann Auhll, expressing her desire for a congressional representative who comprehends “the rural aspects of life,” lamented Boebert’s alleged lack of understanding in this regard, particularly highlighting Boebert’s refusal to endorse increased military aid for Ukraine and its potential ramifications for fertilizer, according to the Sun’s account.

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