Liz Cheney accuses Sean Hannity, the anchor of Fox News, of protecting Donald Trump since the attack on January 6

Liz Cheney
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On MSNBC, former Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) leveled serious accusations against Fox News host Sean Hannity, claiming he has consistently protected former President Donald Trump from facing repercussions, especially about his behavior following January 6. Cheney pointed to text messages between Hannity and ex-White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany from January 7 as proof of Hannity’s awareness of the risks Trump posed.

Cheney disclosed, as reported by Raw Story, “Sean Hannity…knew how dangerous Trump was after January 6. They were trying to isolate him. They knew the country was in danger, and Donald Trump was the source of that danger.”

She accused Hannity of repeatedly attempting to give Trump a way out of controversial situations, referencing a recent town hall in Iowa where Hannity seemed to help Trump dismiss claims of pursuing a dictatorship, yet Trump did not provide a direct denial.

Cheney emphasized the need to take Trump’s statements seriously, warning against becoming numb to his extreme comments. She called on Americans to not disregard Trump’s words, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

Recently, Trump took to social media to attack Cheney, referring to her as “Crazy Liz Cheney” and criticizing her upcoming book, “Oath and Honor.” The book includes an account of a conversation between Cheney and Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), where McCarthy visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago after the Capitol riot in 2021, HuffPost reports.

Trump mocked Cheney’s description of the visit, challenging McCarthy’s reported reason for the visit – concerns over Trump’s well-being – and insisted that he was not eating less due to depression but was angry. Trump claimed McCarthy’s visit aimed to garner support and unify the Republican Party.

In his post, Trump also criticized Cheney for her loss in Congress, describing it as the most significant defeat for a sitting Congressperson in U.S. history. He accused her and the January 6 Committee of deleting and destroying evidence.

This conflict between Cheney and Hannity underscores the ongoing internal strife within the Republican Party over the January 6 events and Trump’s involvement in them.

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