“I’m Loyal and Unapologetically Support Him” Says Marjorie Taylor Greene Amid Report of Trump Mocking Her

 “I’m Loyal and Unapologetically Support Him” Says Marjorie Taylor Greene Amid Report of Trump Mocking Her

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is not happy about a report Thursday that former President Donald Trump mocked her at his Capitol Hill summit with Republican lawmakers. This comes in response to Politico’s Olivia Beavers reporting that upon seeing Greene, a far-right lawmaker infamous for her conspiracy theories and close ties to the MAGA movement, Trump gestured to House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and said, “Hello, Marjorie, are you being nice to him?” upon which the room “erupted.”

In a post on X, Greene furiously sought to clarify that Trump didn’t actually jab her with those remarks. “Nothing’s worse than a reporter that only reports half the story,” Greene raged against Beavers. “She left off all the nice compliments Pres Trump said about me at our conference. President Trump is right. I’m loyal and unapologetically support him everywhere and all the time, and I am capable.”

“That’s why I’ll be nice to Johnson as long as he’s nice to my favorite President,” she continued. “And that means Speaker Johnson better use the full weight of his office to stop the politically weaponized government and pass our Republican agenda, not Biden’s agenda.”

Trump’s comments about “being nice” were presumably a reference to Greene leading an unsuccessful revolt in the GOP caucus on a vote to oust Johnson from the speakership, similar to the ouster of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). Greene, who called the vote in retaliation for Johnson allowing Ukraine defense aid to move forward in the House, was thwarted when a large number of House Democrats crossed the aisle to provide the votes to keep Johnson in office. Throughout this, Trump broke from Greene to issue his own support to Johnson, told Yahoo.

Thursday’s summit, which marked the first time Trump has visited the Capitol since the January 6 attack, has further gained attention for the former president’s reported attack on the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin as “horrible.”

Greene’s response highlights the ongoing tensions within the GOP, as members navigate their loyalties and policy priorities. Her insistence on supporting Trump “unapologetically” underscores her commitment to the former president, even when it means challenging the party’s current leadership.

As the Republican Party continues to grapple with internal divisions, the interactions between Trump, Greene, and other GOP leaders will remain pivotal in shaping the party’s direction and unity. The Capitol Hill summit and subsequent reactions illustrate the complexities and conflicts within the GOP as it looks ahead to future elections and legislative battles.

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