“The House will be in order!” Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Attempt to Oust Speaker Mike Johnson Causes Chaos in the House

 “The House will be in order!” Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Attempt to Oust Speaker Mike Johnson Causes Chaos in the House


Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s attempt to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson was met with chaos in the chamber on Wednesday. Greene, a Republican from Georgia, introduced her “motion to vacate” the speaker’s chair, only to be met with heckling and disarray from her fellow members.

The motion to vacate, a procedural move that allows members of the House to remove the Speaker with a simple majority vote, was announced by Greene amidst growing divisions within the Republican Party. She argued that Johnson, a fellow Republican, was not adequately upholding conservative principles, particularly regarding federal spending and investigations into President Joe Biden.

“I seek recognition to give notice of my intent to raise a question of the privileges of the House,” the Georgia lawmaker began. “The form of the resolution is as follows: declaring the office of Speaker of the House representatives to be vacant.”

“This is the uni party for the American people watching!” she shouted back at the members. “Order, order,” the chair demanded. “The gentlewoman from Georgia is recognized.” As Greene continued, so did the interruptions. “The House will be in order!” the chair exclaimed.

As Greene took the floor to announce her intention to challenge Johnson’s leadership, she was met with a chorus of heckling and disapproval from other members. Shouts of protest and confusion reverberated through the chamber as several Republicans and Democrats alike voiced their objections to her motion. Greene remained undeterred and insisted that the motion was necessary to ensure the Republican agenda was being followed faithfully, reported CBS News.

The motion highlighted growing divisions within the GOP, where different factions have conflicting priorities regarding government spending, investigations, and broader conservative issues. Greene, known for her staunch conservative views and outspoken nature, argued that Johnson had not taken a firm enough stance on key issues like cutting federal spending and holding the Biden administration accountable.

Supporters of Johnson quickly rallied to his defense. Representative Jim Jordan, a prominent Republican from Ohio, dismissed Greene’s motion as an unnecessary distraction that would only hinder the party’s ability to govern effectively. He emphasized the need for unity, particularly in the face of significant legislative challenges and the upcoming presidential election.

Even within Greene’s own faction, some members were hesitant to support her move. Representative Matt Gaetz, another high-profile critic of Johnson’s leadership, expressed reservations about the timing of the motion. He acknowledged the need for strong conservative leadership but felt that removing Johnson at this point would create unnecessary instability.

Democrats watched the proceedings with mixed reactions. Some viewed the chaos as indicative of broader dysfunction within the GOP, while others remained cautious about aligning with Greene due to her controversial reputation and previous inflammatory comments.

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