“Joe delivered by withholding $1 billion in US aid until Shokin was fired” Experts Highlight Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Past Support for Now-Arrested Informant

Marjorie Taylor
(Arvin Temkar/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution/TNS)

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican Congresswoman from Georgia, faced significant backlash on social media this Wednesday. The criticism stemmed from the resurfacing of an old post by Greene in which she had expressed full support for an informant who has since been arrested for making false allegations about Joe and Hunter Biden accepting bribes from foreign entities.

In her post from July 2023, Greene had made strong accusations against Joe Biden, labeling him a criminal and suggesting that he was compromised. She further claimed that Biden’s actions were leading the country towards World War III, alleging that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy possessed evidence of further criminal activities by Biden. To support her claims, Greene attached images that were purported to show the allegations made by the informant who has now been indicted.

“This is the FBI’s FD-1023 UNCLASSIFIED form from the FBI’s most trusted informant that reveals then VP Joe Biden took a 5 million dollar bribe from Zlochevsky to get Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired,” Greene wrote at the time. “Joe delivered by withholding $1 billion in US aid until Shokin was fired.”

The resurgence of this post highlighted the enduring nature of internet content, with social media users quick to point out the unfortunate endorsement by Greene of the discredited informant. In light of the informant’s indictment for fabricating allegations, which were partly based on Russian disinformation efforts, the credibility of Greene’s July post was called into question.

“This aged well….” said historian Heather Cox Richardson Wednesday.

Legal analyst Marcy Wheeler, of EmptyWheel, posted that it was, “Super interesting given that Smirnov was involved in talks to end the war.”

National security attorney Bradley P. Moss also chimed in Wednesday.

One social media user addressed Greene directly in the wake of these developments, seeking her response to the indictment of the informant she had previously endorsed. The user’s message to Greene underscored the gravity of the situation, highlighting the informant’s reliance on Russian disinformation and the fabrication of the allegations against the Bidens. The public call for Greene’s comment on the matter emphasized the need for accountability and clarification from the Congresswoman regarding her earlier support for the now-discredited claims.

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