“I am going to be very honest” Mary Trump Criticizes Supreme Court Decision on Trump’s Immunity Claim

Mary Trump
(ABC News/AFP)

The decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court to consider Donald Trump’s immunity claim has sparked concerns about the integrity of the highest court in the land, according to Mary Trump, the former president’s niece, in remarks made on Thursday.

Mary Trump, speaking out in a Substack post, labeled the decision as a “Disaster For Democracy,” asserting that it illustrates how far the Supreme Court has declined in credibility. She emphasized the serious implications of this decision, particularly in conjunction with Justice Clarence Thomas’ refusal to recuse himself, suggesting that it undermines the court’s legitimacy.

Expressing frustration, Mary Trump, who is a psychologist, highlighted the potential delay in Donald Trump’s case being heard before the election due to the conservative majority on the Court, three of whom were appointed by Trump himself. She emphasized the foundational principle of democracy that no individual, not even a former president, should be exempt from the law.

Mary Trump warned that entertaining Trump’s immunity claim could set a dangerous precedent, shielding future presidents from accountability and potentially undermining the democratic fabric of the country. She criticized the involvement of justices appointed by Trump in this decision, particularly in light of their refusal to recuse themselves from the case.

“I am going to be very honest. It’s hard to accept that Donald’s January 6th case may not be tried before the election, due to a conservative super-majority on the Court with three justices appointed by Donald himself,” she wrote.

Drawing attention to the political influence and alleged corruption surrounding the decision, Mary Trump pointed to Justice Thomas’ wife’s participation in the January 6 rally, implying a conflict of interest in his involvement in Donald Trump’s case. She lamented the potential impact of the Court’s delay in hearing the case on the pending federal trials against her uncle, suggesting that voters may cast their ballots without knowing the outcome.

While condemning the Supreme Court’s decision as corrupt and troubling, Mary Trump expressed optimism that justice would prevail. She speculated that a ruling favoring Trump’s immunity would galvanize voters, particularly Democrats, and further expose the corruption she perceives in the system.

Mary Trump also highlighted the distinction between federal charges and state-level cases, suggesting that Trump could still face legal consequences in state courts even if granted immunity at the federal level. She pointed to the ongoing criminal case in New York as an example of potential accountability beyond the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

Furthermore, Mary Trump commented on Donald Trump’s political standing, noting his vulnerabilities in the Republican primary race and his alienation of significant portions of the party’s base. She emphasized the significance of Trump’s underperformance in Michigan and his strained relationship with Nikki Haley’s supporters, suggesting potential challenges ahead for his political aspirations.

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