“On a Knife’s Edge” Mary Trump Warns Against Re-Electing Donald Trump

 “On a Knife’s Edge” Mary Trump Warns Against Re-Electing Donald Trump

Picture by: CNP/SIPA USA/PA Images

In her latest email blast, Mary Trump laid out a blunt choice for voters, highlighting what it would actually mean to put her uncle back in the White House. Ms. Trump, a psychologist, has long warned about the pathology of how former President Donald Trump thinks — and wants to make clear there is a far better option for America.

“We are on a knife’s edge in the choice between democracy and what we can now clearly say is fascism,” she wrote. That was true back in 2016 as well — but, she continued, “The difference now, of course, is that the edge of the knife is even thinner, the stakes higher, and the electorate by turns more misinformed, more checked out, and more demoralized than we were almost four years ago. And all of us continue to be traumatized to one degree or another, a fact that is barely acknowledged”, told Raw Story.

To start with, she said, “The first thing we must do, is to make clear to Americans exactly what they’re choosing between — Uncle Sam or the crazy uncle who wants to burn it all down.” That choice is made all the more stark by the fact that Trump has now been convicted of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in New York, and faces three additional cases that can’t be heard before the election.

It’s time to realize, Ms. Trump continued, that her uncle represents all of America’s worst impulses. “Every day, my convicted felon uncle holds up a mirror to the worst of us, and it’s long past time people start looking — really looking — at what is reflected there,” she wrote. “We are reminded every day that convicted felon Donald Trump hates America — he hates its people, its ideals, its democracy, its judicial system, its leaders, its rule of law. He even hates his own followers.”

Mary Trump’s stark warning underscores the high stakes of the upcoming election, urging voters to consider the broader implications of their choice. Her message is a call to action for those who value democracy and its principles, emphasizing the urgent need to prevent a return to what she describes as a path toward fascism.

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