Trump Faces Backlash for Opposing Emmer’s Bid: Trump is Total Loser, No One Listens to Him

Chris Christie and Donald Trump
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Donald Trump’s surprise disapproval of House Majority Whip Tom Emmer’s run for Speaker of the House has set the Republican party ablaze.

Chris Christie, a fellow Republican and presidential hopeful, took to Twitter on October 24, openly questioning Trump’s relevance. “Who cares about Trump’s thoughts now? He’s only stirring chaos,” wrote Christie.

In a fiery social media post, Trump stated that while he has “many friends” eyeing the Speaker’s position, Emmer doesn’t make the cut. He criticized Emmer’s loyalty, suggesting he defended Ilhan Omar more than him. Trump’s scathing attack hinted at Emmer being a “Globalist RINO”, insinuating his recent pro-Trump stance might be just for votes.

Emmer’s run for Speaker, especially after Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan backed out, has already revealed glaring fractures within the GOP. Regarded as a more centrist figure by his supporters, Emmer’s past stances, particularly on same-sex marriage and the 2020 election, have drawn Trump loyalists’ ire, jeopardizing his bid.

The race for the Speaker’s chair is on a knife-edge. Emmer has the uphill task of swaying 26 GOP members to back him. Given the narrow GOP majority, every vote is crucial, and the verdict is up in the air.

While the GOP sails through this storm, Trump’s influence and the future path of the party remain contentious. Although the decision ultimately lies with the GOP caucus, Trump’s outspoken objection undoubtedly thickens the plot.

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