“It’s not worth it. It’s time to look for the next man up” Steve Bannon Calls for Replacement of House Speaker Mike Johnson

REUTERS/Nathan Howard

Steve Bannon, a former advisor to ex-President Donald Trump and a notable figure in conservative media, recently expressed his views on the current leadership within the Republican Party, specifically targeting House Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana. During an episode of his “War Room” podcast aired on Wednesday, Bannon made it clear that he believes Johnson’s tenure as speaker should come to an end.

Bannon, whose opinions carry significant weight among Trump’s base, articulated his stance without mincing words, stating, “Johnson’s not savable. It’s not worth it. It’s time to look for the next man up because this is gonna continue.” This critique comes in the wake of Bannon’s previous criticisms of Kevin McCarthy, the former Speaker from California, who was removed from his position by members of his party last year, as per The Hill on Wednesday, January 31, 2024.

While Bannon insisted that his critique was not personal, he did not hold back in his assessment of McCarthy’s leadership, particularly faulting him for his handling of debt negotiations. Bannon recounted warning McCarthy, likening him to a “deer that’s been shot” and suggesting that his political demise was inevitable due to the pressures from conservative factions within the party, including those from Bannon’s platform, “War Room.”

The discussion around Johnson’s leadership mirrors the discontent some Republicans have expressed towards previous arrangements made with Democrats, especially concerning spending bills. Bannon conceded that Johnson might be a slight improvement over McCarthy in terms of his willingness to engage in conflict, acknowledging, “he’s put up some fights.”

Nonetheless, Bannon emphasized the importance of continual pressure on Republican leaders to adhere to conservative principles, suggesting that without such scrutiny, their commitment to these ideals might wane. Bannon’s comments reflect ongoing tensions within the Republican Party regarding its direction and leadership, highlighting the challenges facing those in high-ranking positions to balance party unity with the demands of its more conservative members.

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