Jack Smith Counters Trump’s Immunity Claim in Supreme Court

Drew Angerer/Getty Images; SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Special counsel Jack Smith will probably beat Donald Trump at the Supreme Court, according to Fox News legal commentator Jonathan Turley.

Trump’s attempt to have his lawsuit against Turley dismissed on the grounds of presidential immunity was brought up by Harris Faulkner, the anchor of Fox News, during an interview on Tuesday.

“The Trump legal team is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to block a recent ruling that denied him blanket immunity for alleged crimes committed as president,” Faulkner stated. “And this could delay his trial on charges of plotting to overturn the 2020 election.”

“Well, the court, of course, has already rejected this urgency of special counsel Smith once,” Turley said. Turley said that Trump was compelled to pursue his case to the Supreme Court by the Court of Appeals.

“Procedurally, I think Trump has a strong argument,” he said. “I think it is unfair that he should not be given that same opportunity.”

“I think Trump has a good argument procedurally,” he remarked. “I think it is unfair that he should not be given that same opportunity.”

“I believe the immunity claim is where things are going to become tricky. It’s rather comprehensive,” the Fox News contributor went on. “And I expect that there are going to be justices, including some on the right, who are skeptical of those claims.”

“And what does that mean ultimately for Trump?” Faulkner pondered.

Turley contended that the appeal had two facets.

“One is the merits, where I think that it favors Jack Smith with the Supreme Court,” he said. “Schedule is the other. Smith is being quite obstinate in his attempts to have Trump found guilty prior to the election.”

“Once you’re past the summer, you’re going to be running out of runway,” he stated. “The Department of Justice does not like trials right before an election.”

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