‘Trial’ is extraordinarily hostile to me” Trump Blasts Judge in E. Jean Carroll Case, Alleges Bias and Hostility in Upcoming Defamation Tria

donald trump
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On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump expressed strong criticism towards the judge presiding over the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial, accusing the judge of bias against him.

Trump, who has publicly stated his intention to testify in the trial, has already been ordered to pay $5 million in damages for defaming Carroll. Carroll, a writer, has accused Trump of sexually assaulting her many years ago, allegations for which Trump was found liable in a previous trial that included both defamation and assault charges.

Trump’s apprehension about the upcoming trial and the potential damages he might face was evident in his remarks. His concerns were shared in a post on Truth Social, where he initially talked about his recent successes in the GOP presidential primary.

He boasted about his record-breaking wins in Iowa, claiming the highest margin ever, and in New Hampshire, where he said he received the most votes ever by any candidate in either party. Trump highlighted his unique achievement as the first non-incumbent Republican to win both Iowa and New Hampshire.

However, the tone of his message changed as he mentioned his return to New York City for the trial. Trump described the trial as being based on false accusations that could date back decades. He claimed the plaintiff, Carroll, was uncertain about when the alleged incident took place.

Trump then directed his criticism toward the judge, describing him as extraordinarily hostile and labeling him a ‘100% Trump Hater.’

Trump expressed his dismay and disbelief at the judge’s attitude, asserting that the judge is well aware of his innocence but is nonetheless intent on causing him harm. He concluded his post with a lament about the situation, stating, “He knows I did nothing wrong, but is looking to do a number on me. Only in America!” This statement underscores Trump’s frustration and skepticism about the fairness of the legal proceedings he is facing.

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