Trump Continues to Criticize a Republican Governor in His Latest Rant

Kim Reynolds; Donald TrumpScott Olson/Getty Images

Donald Trump once again expressed his displeasure on Truth Social, this time targeting Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, a fellow Republican.

The former president and 2024 candidate lashed out at Reynolds following reports of her close relationship with Trump’s primary rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, as well as her decision not to formally endorse any GOP candidates in the primary, which is a customary practice for Iowa governors.

In his post on Monday, Trump vented his frustration, claiming that he had supported Reynolds during her campaign and held rallies for her, but now feels snubbed by her desire to remain “neutral.” He even stated that he no longer invites her to events. Trump also took a jab at DeSantis, suggesting that he is significantly trailing behind in the polls.

Despite Reynolds refraining from an official endorsement, she has been seen alongside DeSantis at all three of his Iowa events and has even joined DeSantis’ wife, Casey, in launching a campaign called “Mamas for DeSantis” aimed at courting voters.

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