Trump Declares ‘We’re Gonna Be Standing Up for the Debate’ Rejects CNN’s Seated Format at Bronx Rally

 Trump Declares ‘We’re Gonna Be Standing Up for the Debate’ Rejects CNN’s Seated Format at Bronx Rally


During a vibrant rally in the Bronx, former President Donald Trump energized his MAGA supporters by announcing his refusal to adhere to CNN’s proposed format for an upcoming debate against President Joe Biden. Trump’s declaration that he wouldn’t be sitting down for the debate elicited enthusiastic cheers from the crowd, underscoring his readiness to confront Biden in a more dynamic setting.

At the rally, Trump, the 77-year-old presumptive Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election, took a moment to lambaste CNN and mock the network’s fairness in moderating the upcoming debate. “You know I agreed to do a debate with Crooked Joe Biden,” Trump said, which was met with resounding boos from his supporters. He added, referring to CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who is expected to be part of the moderating team, “With Fake Tapper. And I think they’ll be fair,” he continued with heavy sarcasm, eliciting a unified shout of “No!” from the audience.

Trump then recounted his initial acceptance of the debate invitation, emphasizing his flexibility and readiness to engage Biden under any circumstances. He shared how he had agreed to the debate without prior knowledge of its format. “So they said we want to have a debate,” Trump recounted. “I’ll take it!” However, when CNN later proposed that the debate include sitting at tables, Trump dismissed the idea, preferring to stand. “Then they said today ‘We’d like to set up tables for you to sit down.’ — I said ‘I don’t want to sit down for a debate. Let’s go!'”

This insistence on a standing debate format plays into Trump’s well-known preference for a more imposing presence, which was evident in his past debates, particularly in the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton. In those debates, Trump’s constant motion and strategic positioning were widely commented on. He once criticized Clinton for moving into his space during a town hall debate, remarking, “She walks in front of me, you know. And when she walked in front of me, believe me, I wasn’t impressed.”

His physical presence during debates has been a topic of analysis and criticism, with some commentators likening his behavior to that of a “mob boss,” a tactic perceived as an attempt to intimidate his opponents.

Washington Post column As Trump gears up for another electoral showdown, his firm stance on the debate’s format at the Bronx rally not only reaffirms his confrontational style but also signals his strategic approach to the 2024 campaign trail, where he aims to dominate both the stage and the narrative.

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