‘I Wish He Would Just Disappear’ Trump Faces Chilly Reception in the Bronx

 ‘I Wish He Would Just Disappear’ Trump Faces Chilly Reception in the Bronx


Former President Donald Trump is set to find a markedly different atmosphere from his usual fervent crowds when he holds a rally in Crotona Park, Bronx, this Thursday night. As he steps away from the familiar territory of MAGA strongholds and into an area where he was overwhelmingly defeated in the 2020 presidential election, Trump might not receive the warm reception he has grown accustomed to.

This venture into what can be termed as non-MAGA country comes while his Manhattan hush money trial is paused until after the Memorial Day weekend. Trump’s decision to campaign in the Bronx, a borough where he lost by over 300,000 votes, is seen as an unusual move, particularly at a time when his political and legal controversies continue to swirl around him.

The New York Times’s Jeffrey Mays reports a palpable discontent among the locals regarding Trump’s visit. According to Mays, “Predictably, many people in the Bronx are not happy,” highlighting the community’s strong disapproval. Noel Rivera, a retired subway track worker, expressed a sentiment that might resonate with many in the area: “I wish he would just disappear. Nobody that I know supports him.”

Trump’s rally, permitted for a crowd of 3,500, will mark his first rally in New York since 2016. The local mood was somber as residents observed the setup activities in Crotona Park. Maggie Rodriguez, a 57-year-old electrician walking her Chihuahua, voiced her concerns starkly, saying, “We won’t have a democracy anymore” if Trump is re-elected in November.

The rally not only faces opposition from locals but also from political figures like Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY), who represents the district. He suggested that Trump’s visit should be less about campaigning and more about making amends. “He is so unpopular in the Bronx that he’s radioactive. His approval ratings are lower than that of lead and arsenic,” Torres explained, indicating the deep unpopularity of the former president in the borough.

As Trump attempts to make his case for re-election in one of New York City’s most liberal boroughs, the event underscores the polarized views of his political persona and policies. The Bronx rally could be an indicator of the challenges Trump faces as he tries to broaden his appeal in areas not typically supportive of his leadership, suggesting a tough road ahead as he aims to reclaim the presidency.

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