“UNDER APPEAL for DOING NOTHING WRONG” Trump Faces Criticism for Memorial Day Remarks, Contrasts with Biden’s Tribute

 “UNDER APPEAL for DOING NOTHING WRONG” Trump Faces Criticism for Memorial Day Remarks, Contrasts with Biden’s Tribute

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Former President Donald Trump’s Memorial Day message shared on his social media platform Truth Social, drew sharp criticism from journalists and experts for its focus on personal grievances rather than honoring fallen soldiers. The post, which included criticisms of Judges Lewis Kaplan, Arthur Engoron, and Juan Merchan—involved in various legal cases against Trump—contrasted starkly with more traditional Memorial Day commemorations.

Veteran congressional reporter Jamie Dupree highlighted the origins of the holiday, reminding his audience that “Memorial Day started after the Civil War, as a tradition to honor U.S. soldiers who died in military service.” This historical perspective underscored the departure of Trump’s message from the day’s intended focus.

Barry Markson, a columnist for the Daily Beast, contrasted Trump’s remarks with President Joe Biden’s activities, noting, “Pres. Biden is laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and this is Trump’s message. Not one mention of a fallen soldier who died for our country because Trump calls them losers. Just more grievance about him. Trump doesn’t care about you or the country.” This comment reflects a broader dissatisfaction with Trump’s approach to the holiday, which traditionally calls for a pause in political disputes to honor military sacrifices.

David Lazarus, a journalist from KTLA, pointed to structural issues in American politics that he believes allowed Trump’s rise to power: “The simple fact is that if we did away with the archaic Electoral College, a man like this would never again get within reach of the presidency.” His statement suggests frustration with not only Trump’s behavior but also with the electoral system that facilitates such political figures reaching high office.

Coverage from The Hill drew a direct line between the actions of Trump and Biden, emphasizing the contrast in their Memorial Day activities. While Trump used the platform to air personal grievances, Biden provided a somber address at Arlington National Cemetery, reflecting on the service and death of his own son, Beau Biden, who passed away from conditions believed to be caused by toxic exposure during his military service in Iraq.

The backlash to Trump’s remarks underscores a broader societal expectation that Memorial Day should remain a nonpartisan occasion dedicated to remembering those who have sacrificed their lives for the nation, a sentiment that Trump’s critics argue was absent from his Memorial Day discourse.

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