“DISCREDITED STAR WITNESS WHO ADMITTED TO LYING ON THE STAND, NO CASE!!!” Donald Trump Goes on Rampage Over New York Fraud Case Ahead of Crucial Ruling

Donald Trump
Source: NPR

On Wednesday, Donald Trump unleashed a fervent tirade where he shared a biased recounting of events surrounding his ongoing legal battle in New York regarding allegations of fraud. The outburst occurred on his personal social media channel, just a short time before an anticipated decision from Justice Arthur Engoron of the New York Supreme Court.

The ruling in question holds significant consequences for Trump, potentially prohibiting him from engaging in business activities within the state and possibly resulting in financial liabilities amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

In his vehement discourse, Trump claimed a victory in the appellate division concerning the case overseen by Justice Engoron, which notably does not permit a jury trial. He highlighted that the statute of limitations had expired and that his daughter, Ivanka Trump, was no longer implicated in what he described as litigation tainted by corruption from the Attorney General’s office.

Trump emphasized his disbelief by pointing out that Justice Engoron’s decisions had been reversed on four separate occasions throughout this case, suggesting that such a frequency of overturns was unprecedented.

Trump claimed he had “Great Financial Statements” containing “buyer beware” disclaimers.

“No Victims, No Damages, a Never Used Statute, Unconstitutional Gag Order, happy banks and insurance companies (All made lots of money!), No Complaints, Fully DISCREDITED STAR WITNESS WHO ADMITTED TO LYING ON THE STAND, NO CASE!!!” he exclaimed. “A Biden-directed Political Witch Hunt for Election Interference. Violent Crime at ALL TIME HIGH, AS BUSINESSES FLEE NEW YORK IN RECORD NUMBERS. I PAID OVER $300,000,000 in Taxes during the dates in question, but they stupidly want me gone. MAGA!!!”

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