Donald Trump Jr. Hints at Future Political Ambitions Amid Father’s Campaign and Critiques Rivals in Iowa Caucus Rally


Just hours before the Iowa caucuses commenced, Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the former president, alongside his fiancée, Kimberly Guilfoyle, made a last-ditch effort to rally support in Ankeny, Iowa. Trump Jr. is not only a vital surrogate for his father’s campaign in Iowa but also appears to be setting the stage for contesting the 2024 Iowa caucus outcome.

He has raised suspicions about poll results showing his father’s lead, suggesting to Daily Mail that this could be a strategy to ‘suppress the vote.’ During this event, Trump Jr. faced a question from an audience member about his political aspirations, specifically regarding a potential presidential run in 2028.

His response, as reported by Raw Story, was intriguingly noncommittal. He mentioned, “Listen, you never know. I don’t want to say no because then if you decide to do it like, oh my god, he’s a major liar. You know, people, the reality is this—like, I never needed this. Right? But I believe in it.” He went on to reflect that perhaps his efforts might be more impactful outside of a political office, where he could operate without the typical constraints.

He added, “I almost feel like I can do more outside of that. I don’t have to play by the rules. Again, I’m not Hunter Biden. I have to play by the rules.” Trump Jr. also voiced his concerns regarding Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s potential run for the presidency in 2024. He critiqued DeSantis’s choice of footwear and noted waning support from billionaire donors.

Despite his critical views, Trump Jr. himself was notably delayed, arriving over three hours late to one of the final pitches in Iowa on Monday, speaking in Ankeny just before the caucus sites opened. He emphasized, “They’re trying desperately to suppress the vote by saying we have it in the bag.”

He further commented on the strategies and schemes he perceives in the political arena, including from his side. He sees the current political battle as one between the Washington D.C. elite and his father’s camp. Trump Jr. remarked, “You see that from the Republicans involved; you see that from the billionaire donors disappearing from Ron DeSantis’ campaign because they realize he doesn’t have it.” Recent polling released shortly before the Iowa caucus showed a strong majority support for his father.

In a separate development, Trump Jr. has been vocal about his opposition to Nikki Haley, former South Carolina Governor, joining his father’s ticket for the 2024 election. As reported by Newsweek in December of the previous year, Trump Jr. is firmly against Haley, who has been gaining popularity among Republican voters, and he vowed to prevent her from being his father’s vice presidential pick should he receive the GOP nomination.

He criticized Haley for advocating for continuous warfare. Despite this opposition, Haley has seen a significant rise in her political standing, emerging as a notable competitor, and potentially challenging DeSantis.

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