Donald Trump Jr.’s Podcast Speech Prompts Accusations of Possible Drug Use due to Speech Impairment: ‘He Is LOADED!’

Donald Trump Jr.

A video clip featuring former President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., is circulating online, raising concerns about his speech and prompting renewed speculation about alleged drug use, including cocaine and Adderall.

Ron Filipkowski of the Midas Touch shared the clip from “Triggered with Donald Trump Jr.” on X, noting that Trump Jr.’s speech appeared to deteriorate rapidly during the show. In the video, Trump Jr. struggles to articulate a coherent sentence, slurring his words and frequently interrupting himself.

The clip garnered nearly two million views and led to many online comments and shares speculating about Trump Jr.’s potential drug use. Some users posted edited images and jokes related to drug consumption, further fueling the discussion.

In 2020, Trump Jr.’s ex-girlfriend, Aubrey O’Day, had previously suggested that he might be using drugs, specifically mentioning Adderall. However, she clarified that she couldn’t confirm cocaine use. Despite her comments, O’Day stated that cocaine had not been part of their shared experiences.

Later that year, during the Republican National Convention in August, Trump Jr. was accused by some online users of having “cocaine eyes” due to the appearance of his pupils.

Earlier this year, Trump Jr. criticized President Joe Biden and the White House when cocaine was discovered in the presidential residence. He argued that the media had focused more on his father’s Diet Coke consumption during his time in office than on the presence of a controlled substance in the presidential residence.

Furthermore, some Republican figures suggested without evidence that President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who has a history of drug addiction, might be responsible for the presence of cocaine. However, no public evidence or culprits were identified following an investigation into the matter.

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