Trump Prepares for Biden Showdown ‘I Don’t Want to Underestimate Him’

 Trump Prepares for Biden Showdown ‘I Don’t Want to Underestimate Him’

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A focused Donald Trump is gearing up for his June 27 debate against President Joe Biden, recognizing that his opponent from working-class Scranton will be on his game and ready to win. New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman shared insights on CNN’s “The Source” with Kaitlan Collins, stating, “I was told that this was where he and his team were heading as they went into the debate.

They were trying to move from, you know, Biden can’t tie his shoelaces and is going to trip his way all over the stage, to trying to suggest that they expect that he will be good in the same way he was, say, at the State of the Union several months ago.” Haberman noted that Trump’s team is aware they have previously set expectations too low for Biden and are now trying to recalibrate.

Reflecting on the 2020 debates, Haberman mentioned that Trump admits internally he underestimated Biden, largely due to his own frequent interruptions. “Trump did not help himself in 2020 when he was constantly interrupting Biden — he knows that… and his folks are aware that they set the expectations too low for Biden, and Biden beat him.”

During an “All In” podcast aired Thursday, Trump recalled watching a 2012 debate where then-Vice President Biden faced off against then-Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan. Trump noted Biden “destroyed Paul Ryan” in that debate, even mocking Ryan for “chugging water left and right.” Trump joked, “I didn’t think a human being would be able to drink so much water at one time.”

Trump is clear-eyed about the challenge Biden presents in the upcoming debate, acknowledging, “I happen to think he’s incompetent for a lot of reasons… I think he’s incompetent because he has gotten the worst policies, both foreign policy and internal policy.” However, he added, “I assume he’s going to be somebody that will be a worthy debater. I don’t want to underestimate him.”

To prepare for the debate, Trump is engaging in intensive sessions with lawmakers, a process described by Haberman as “policy time.” She explained, “They are having him meet with various people. They’re cycling in advisers, senators, a bunch of folks to talk about different topics, whether that’s abortion or health care or in some cases talking about how to answer questions about Jan. 6 and the attacks on Trump about posing a threat to democracy.” As both candidates gear up for the debate, Trump’s recognition of Biden’s capabilities signals a more strategic approach, aiming to avoid the pitfalls of underestimation that marked their previous encounters.

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