‘You’re Gonna Get a Piece of It’ Trump Sells Suit Bits as NFTs, Sparks Satire About Tombstone Sales

 ‘You’re Gonna Get a Piece of It’ Trump Sells Suit Bits as NFTs, Sparks Satire About Tombstone Sales

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by James Devaney

Former President Donald Trump has introduced yet another unconventional business venture, this time involving the sale of parts of a suit he wore during an arrest, paired with a collection of digital assets known as ‘Trump Cards.’ This move has not only expanded his diverse portfolio but also inspired a humorous critique from Democratic Representative Jared Moskowitz, who speculated about even more bizarre future sales, including the possible auction of space on Trump’s late ex-wife Ivana’s tombstone.

Trump’s latest foray into the digital collectibles market involves selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called ‘Trump Cards.’ These NFTs are being marketed with a unique proposition: if a customer buys 47 of them for a total of approximately $4,653, they will receive a physical card that includes a genuine piece of the suit Trump wore during his mugshot in Georgia. The specific share of profits Trump will gain from these NFT sales remains undisclosed.

In a recent interview covered by Business Insider, Moskowitz didn’t hold back his satirical views on Trump’s latest business model. He joked, “Listen, I expect him to start selling Ivana Trump’s tombstone. You’ll be able to write a little signature on her tombstone for $10,000,” mimicking Trump and labeling him a “televangelist president” known for his knack in sales, even dubbing him the “best QVC blender salesman we’ve ever had.”

As Trump champions these unique money-making strategies, he simultaneously manages ongoing legal challenges. An appeals court has recently agreed to examine Trump’s assertions of presidential immunity amid a slew of other legal proceedings.

During the announcement of the sale, Trump boasted about the suit’s quality, saying, “It was a great suit, believe me, a really good suit. It’s all cut up, and you’re gonna get a piece of it.” The suit, donned during his arrest in August 2023 linked to his efforts to overturn the election results, has been promoted on the Collect Trump Cards website as “the most historically significant artifact in United States history.”

Priced at $4,699.53, pieces of this ‘priceless’ suit are up for grabs. Trump’s historical business ventures, including Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, and Trump Steaks, many of which have been unsuccessful, underline his track record of diverse and often flamboyant commercial attempts. This latest venture into NFTs and suit fragments continues to add to his colorful business narrative, drawing both ridicule and scrutiny.

According to The Guardian, this marks the third installment of cards Trump has marketed, with a previous batch of 45,000 cards sold in December 2022 raising $4.4 million, netting Trump between $100,000 and $1 million. These cards featured various images of Trump, including him sitting in Abraham Lincoln’s chair at the Lincoln Memorial and another wearing a white cowboy hat, underscored by an illustration of running horses.

As Trump navigates through merchandise sales, ongoing legal disputes, and hypothetical tombstone auctions, his unconventional approach to business remains a point of fascination and speculation, leaving observers curious about what unexpected venture he might explore next.

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