“How are you going to do up against Gavin Newsom?” Fox News Censors Trump’s Candid Insights on Political Rivals

Obama and trump
Photo: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Fox News censored former President Donald Trump on Sunday during a lively discussion in which he shared his thoughts on potential political opponents.

In a recent interview aired on Sunday, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo posed intriguing questions about Trump’s political aspirations, including his potential run against California Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

During the interview, Bartiromo inquired about Trump’s perspective on a potential match-up against Gavin Newsom. Trump expressed his candid views, suggesting that Newsom’s leadership in California was problematic, citing issues like homelessness and business departures.

He characterized the state as facing significant challenges, making it an appealing target for his political ambitions. Bartiromo didn’t stop there; she also raised the possibility of Michelle Obama entering the political arena.

Trump, maintaining his characteristic confidence, discussed various poll results, indicating that in some cases, he believed he could secure a substantial lead against her in an election.

“Well, Gavin Newsom’s right out of central casting,” Bartiromo said. “How are you going to do up against Gavin Newsom?”

As the conversation continued, Trump reminisced about his tenure as president, proudly highlighting what he considered four successful years in office. His insights into potential rivals and the political landscape provided an engaging and thought-provoking discussion, even though certain portions of his remarks faced censorship by Fox News.

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