Unexpected Turn in Trump’s Classified Docs Case: Special Counsel Reveals Details Against Trump’s Delay Strategy

Jack Smith
(Getty Images)

In a dramatic twist to the ongoing legal saga, Special Counsel Jack Smith delivered a fiery response to former President Donald Trump’s plea to stall his classified documents case on Wednesday.

Trump’s legal squad earlier proposed an extension to the deadlines for upcoming pre-trial meetings, stating that they needed more time to address unfolding legal issues.

Notably, they sought clarity on a protective order pertaining to Trump’s remarks about potential witnesses and jurors. It’s crucial to note that Trump is under scrutiny for allegedly holding classified papers unlawfully at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

As per an article from Raw Story on September 27, 2023, However, Smith wasn’t having any of it. In a motion put forward in the late hours, he asserted that Trump’s plea might disrupt the entire sequence, potentially pushing back the trial set for May 20, 2024.

While Smith showcased a hint of flexibility towards a minor delay, he strongly opined that Trump’s requested duration was excessive. “Their suggested timeline would push us back by a staggering three months,” he stated in the motion.

Smith further criticized Trump’s stance, mentioning that their rationale greatly exaggerated the intricacies of the pre-trial discovery process. Furthermore, he highlighted that the defense team is already equipped with ample discovery to brief the Court on the kind of data they deem significant.

Conclusively, Smith urged, “Based on these reasons alone, the defendant’s motion should be unequivocally rejected.”

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