“Like Talking to Your Drunk Uncle” Say Sources About Trump’s Rambling Meeting with GOP Lawmakers

 “Like Talking to Your Drunk Uncle” Say Sources About Trump’s Rambling Meeting with GOP Lawmakers

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Former President Donald Trump reportedly “rambled” like a “drunk uncle” during a meeting with Republican lawmakers on Thursday. Sources who attended the congressional meeting spoke to NOTUS after the event. “Donald Trump came to the Capitol Hill Club Thursday morning supposedly to discuss his agenda for a second term with House Republicans,” NOTUS reported.

“Instead, Trump treated his meeting as an opportunity to deliver a behind-closed-doors, stream-of-consciousness rant where Trump tried to settle scores in the House GOP, trashed the city of Milwaukee, and took a shot at Nancy Pelosi’s ‘wacko’ daughter.” “Like talking to your drunk uncle at the family reunion,” one person in the room said.

During the meeting, Trump suggested that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) go easy on Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA). Earlier this year, Greene filed a motion to oust Johnson. In a video posted to X (formerly Twitter), Greene bragged about being called out by the former president. “[Trump] was joking, and he said, ‘Are you being nice to him?'” Greene told Fox News. “As long as my speaker supports the Republican agenda, I definitely will support him.”

“And he also said, you know, she’s loyal, she’s wonderful, always shows up to support me,” the lawmaker added. “And he told the entire conference that I’m capable.” Trump’s comments and behavior during the meeting have sparked a wave of reactions and criticisms. His rambling speech and off-topic remarks have been seen as indicative of his unconventional approach to politics and governance. The event was expected to focus on Trump’s potential second-term agenda, but it quickly devolved into a personal venting session, Via NPR.

This isn’t the first time Trump’s public and private comments have drawn scrutiny. His unfiltered style often likened to casual and spontaneous conversations, continues to be both a point of criticism and a hallmark of his political identity.

Greene’s response, highlighting Trump’s praise for her loyalty, reflects the ongoing dynamics within the Republican Party. Her staunch support for Trump and her willingness to challenge party leadership demonstrate the fractures and alliances shaping the GOP’s current landscape.

As the Republican Party navigates these internal challenges and looks ahead to future elections, the interactions and statements from key figures like Trump and Greene will play a significant role in defining the party’s direction and unity. The Capitol Hill meeting and its fallout illustrate the complexities and conflicts within the GOP as it prepares for the next political battles.

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