“Trump’s Convictions Could Impact Divorce” Legal Expert Weighs in on Melania’s Potential Filing

 “Trump’s Convictions Could Impact Divorce” Legal Expert Weighs in on Melania’s Potential Filing

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In light of Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 criminal charges, a legal expert discussed the potential consequences of a divorce between the former president and Melania Trump. Speculation has been circulating that his marriage to Melania was in disarray due to his liaison with Stormy Daniels and his many legal issues.

Tre Lovell of The Lovell Firm addressed these rumors, outlining the potential impact of Donald’s recent convictions on Melania’s divorce filing. “Subject to a few exceptions, New York is a no-fault divorce state, and either party can get divorced based upon irreparable differences,” Lovell informed Nicki Swift.

“Trump’s convictions could become relevant if the verdict somehow affects his ability to earn an income, which would be considered in spousal support issues.” The potential monetary consequences of Trump’s guilt are now uncertain while he awaits sentencing. The penalties for Trump’s 34 felony charges range from prison time to probation, fines of up to $5,000 per count, or even home confinement, as reported by CBS News.

His ability to pay spousal support to Melania in the event of a divorce might be jeopardized if his sentence severely impacts his financial status. Even before he became president, the world was curious about Trump’s marriage to Melania Knavs, a former model from Slovenia. The power couple has been through it all since their 2005 Palm Beach, Florida, wedding, including public litigation, adultery allegations, and claims of gold-digging.

Their relationship came under further scrutiny in 2016 when Trump decided to run for the White House. Interestingly, at a Miss USA pageant party in January 2000, Trump acknowledged to The New York Times that he and Melania had briefly broken up. In an interview with DuJour, Melania also said that Trump’s thoughts about a presidential run contributed to the breakup.

Matthew Atanian, a fashion photographer and Melania’s ex-roommate claimed that the couple had an argument quite early on in their relationship. Atanian informed GQ, “She had some trust issues with him at the beginning … She kept her apartment to have her own space because of this.” Atanian added that the couple reunited after six months, suggesting that Melania might have accepted Trump’s unchangeable nature.

Apart from the ups and downs in their relationship, Melania was recently called out for seemingly abandoning her spouse during his trials. Many Republicans and other Trump supporters have been present to voice their disapproval of the case and its main defendants.

Melania’s ex-aide, Stephanie Grisham, told CNN that this was her way of protecting her reputation, which has taken a beating due to her husband’s controversies. Grisham stated, “I would be absolutely floored if she showed up. There’s just no way, and again, she hasn’t shown up this whole time now. And so, in her mind, I think she would think that she was caving or even looking weak to suddenly show up.”

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