Key Witness Denies Joe Biden’s Involvement in Family Business: Revelations from House Republican Inquiry

Hunter Biden Guilty Criminal Tax Case
Photo Courtesy: Bloomberg

In a recent development, a former business associate of Hunter and James Biden, Mervyn Yan, testified before House Republicans, clarifying that he had no direct contact with President Joe Biden. This statement, detailed in a letter to House Oversight Chairman James Comer and obtained by CNN, challenges the core of Republican allegations in their impeachment inquiry against the President.

Yan subpoenaed for his testimony in November, was expected to provide insight into President Biden’s alleged involvement in his family’s business dealings. However, Yan’s lawyer, Soumya Dayananda, addressed Congress to refute these allegations. Dayananda asserted that Yan had no meetings, communications, or business dealings with Joe Biden during his interactions with Hunter and James Biden. Furthermore, Yan reportedly did not know of any involvement by President Biden in his son’s business ventures.

Dayananda’s statement clarified that Yan does not possess any information or materials relevant to the alleged involvement of President Biden in his family’s business affairs. Additionally, she highlighted that her client, being a private citizen and not a public official, should not be the focus of congressional oversight.

Yan, a Chinese-American businessman, was involved in a joint venture with Hunter and James Biden, related to a Chinese-backed energy company. This venture, Hudson West III, ceased operations in 2018, when Joe Biden was not in office. Despite Republican concerns and the ongoing scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, the testimony of Yan and the statements from his lawyer suggest a lack of direct involvement by President Biden in these affairs.

The House Oversight Committee, particularly its Republican members, continues to question the veracity of Yan’s claims. A forthcoming transcript of Yan’s interview is expected to provide further clarity on these matters. In contrast, Representative Jamie Raskin, a leading Democrat on the Committee, emphasized Yan’s testimony that he found no evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden or any indication of his involvement in his family’s business dealings.

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