Dating Guide For Men

 Dating Guide For Men

dating-guide-for-menYou want to go out with a girl and don’t know where to begin with. Whatever your situation, there are some common dating tips to follow which will help you in the art of dating women. These dating tips can help you play field, preparing you for success while protecting your emotions.

Look presentable: Wear decent clothes and shoes. Women notice shoes and dress.

Grooming: According to this dating guide, visit the barber shop and clean up your hair and get it styled. Women like clean shaves and men who smell wonderful. Buy good quality cologne and grooming kit.

Be Ambitious: According to this dating tip women want a man who has some aim in life. Any job which is 9 to 5, career based would be appreciated. Women ask questions, so be prepared.

Up to date: You must know what is happening around because women like such males and it gives an impression that you are not dull.

Check your budget: This dating advice states that don’t over indulge and know when to step back. Where ever you take her, make sure it is in your comfortable range in terms of time and money.

Keep yourself in check: This dating tip suggest, if you love sports or current affairs, do not boost about it all the time. Talk about different topics rather than lingering on one topic and many women interpret it as a lack of creativity.

Be decent: Stay in your limits and be respectful to your lady like is the best dating guide. Show her respect and manners at every step and you’ll be on the right path.

Just listen: Listen to what she says and remember them. This is another impressive dating tip which will make you a ‘success’ in front of her eyes.

Don’t smoke: Quit smoking is another dating tip.

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