6 Simple Dating Tips for Men Over 40

 6 Simple Dating Tips for Men Over 40

When I was younger I always thought that you can get laid only until you turn 35. I never thought young women from 18 to 25 would ever date a guy that is 40. I was dead wrong. It took me a while to understand why would they date old men, but the answer is simple. Younger millennials are just pussies and girls feel safer around older guys. Older men look like they have everything under their control.

And it’s most likely true. For women, younger guys are “childish” and immature as they say. I won’t get into if this is true but women want to feel safe and older guys can give that to them, that’s a fact. Anyways, if you think you are too “old”, there are still some advice in this guide for you, how to interact with girls, how to behave, where to find girls and other stuff.

Stop doing things that get you old

Now, under this, I mostly consider the stuff you put in yourself. So, stop eating junk food and drink alcohol. Seriously, it makes you look older than you already are. If you are a young guy just make sure you eat healthily, avoid alcohol or drugs and you already did yourself a huge favour. If you are older, this is a must. Alcohol makes you look older and it actually hurt your organism way more than before. Care about your body, and treat it nicely, I am sure it will pay off.

Get into a habit of dressing well

What you wear is very important. It shows your status. It shows that you care about yourself and how you look. No one takes seriously a guy that’s dressed badly. Of course, you should dress appropriately to your age and situation that means that if you are an older guy you should not dress like you have 20 years. You will only look funny. That gets us to our next point.

Chat with everyone

If you are in your 40s or 50s you simply can compete in clubs with older guys. You won’t have the energy they have. So, approaching every girl in a club is a bad idea since you will compete with other guys that approach everything that moves. What you should do instead is approach couple of girls in the club. But overall, you want to avoid loud places with high energy. You know where should you look for your opportunity? Anywhere else!

If you can approach every girl on a street then how to get in contact with women, right? Well, let’s say you go to the grocery or you buy a fast food. And maybe a cute girl works there. Talk with her freely, try to flirt, say something funny about her, tease her etc. Just start the conversation. If you are in a cafe, talk with the waitress, flirt with her.

When you get in a habit to talk with everyone and everyone, You will soon realize that attractive and fun girls are all over the place just waiting for you to flirt with them. And don’t be afraid. Be ballsy, ask girls out half-jokingly to see where you at.Then if you get a positive reaction, like a smile for example, go to that place one more time and continue talking with her until you eventually get her number. It’s that easy.

Pro tip: Negging works like clockwork when you are older

Look strong

If a girl is into guys with muscles, she really doesn’t care if a guy if 30 or 40 years old. She just sees a good looking body and she gets attracted to it. It’s way hotter for a girl when se sees a guy that looks really good in his 40s or 50s because she knows how good discipline you need to have for that.

This means, start going to the gym, be active. Start lifting heavy even if you never went to the gym, start working on your body. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder but looking good will make things easier with women.


As an older man, girls expect you to lead, to take charge of a relationship. You call her and tell her where you two will go, you recommend her what to eat or drink. Keep the frame and stay calm.She expects you to be less emotional than the guys her age. She also doesn’t need to wait for you to get successful because you already are.Yes, you should act like her “daddy” no matter how wrong this may sound (but no daddy jokes, that can only scare her).Lead every aspect of your relationship or someone else will do that for her.

Pro tip: Tell her the dress code, even it if is, “I will be wearing {X}, so dress as women do when men are wearing {X},” and the time you will be picking her up. Tell her to be ready.

A shift in your mindset

A lot of older guys don’t get laid not because they have a bad game but simply because they don’t believe a 20 years old girl would date an older dude. This is a definition of limited beliefs. You cage yourself with this BS. And change your mindset.Every time you got up, say to yourself “I will get more girls in this period of my life then ever before”“Every girl dreams of dating an older, experienced guy like me”.It’s very important to BELIEVE that you actually can have an amazing sex and dating life in your 50s.


Most men reading dating or manosphere blogs are guys in their twenties. So, why would I write an article for older men? Well, it’s mostly because there are some small things that you can do now, that will help you tremendously later.Do you wish you started some online business back in high school? Or maybe you wish you started approaching women back then? I know I do. It would make things easier now.

But most of us were focused on other things like drinking, going out, hanging out with friends or unfortunately, playing video games. Good news is that there are things that you can do in your 20’s or even 30’s that will make your dating life better when you turn 50. And If you think your 20’s went fast, wait until you get in your thirties.

Basically, getting laid in your 50s is similar to getting laid in younger age. The main difference is that you will have to find a girl from the third group, and when you do, things will go easier than you think. For the second group of girls, you will have to put some effort and have a good game.

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