Realize Before It’s Too Late

 Realize Before It’s Too Late

Once you are in love, you would never want it to end (if things are going smooth). Its feels like the couple are meant for each other and it will not end ever. But if being in a relationship is so good, then why do people experience difficulties and even breakup? You want to know WHY?

Well it’s because both parties fail to identify the factors which sabotage the relationship. Relationships are very fragile, so they need to be nurtured carefully (they die if not been taken seriously and sincerely). Now what can you do to nourish your relationship?

Following are the things you must be careful about:

Once in a relationship, expectations begin to rise day by day. Partners become possessive about each other; possessiveness is fine till it’s in limits. Things get wrong when you want to be your counterparts top most priority and the centre of attraction for him/her. The expectations are so much that the partner may fail to fulfill them, so bear in mind that it does not mean that your partner is no more interested in you.

You love your partner and vice versa, that’s very good. But have you noticed that you might be suffocating your counterpart? (Out of love, by always sticking around). Being beside your partner is good but always glued together gets boring and clingy. In short run sticking together is fascinating but it may get annoying and irritating in the long run.

Inflation is increasing at an accelerated rate and coping up with expenses is getting really difficult. In such a scenario dependent people are surely an additional burden. You may finance your relationship partner but it’s surely better to have your spouse be an earning person, which just facilitates things for both.

Relationships are sort of barter trade. It’s give and take situation. You can be a ruling sort or authoritative but that does not mean that your spouse has no say in anything. If you won’t listen to what your partner feels or likes than things won’t result positively. So being too much self centered is not good. It really harms your relationship. You may not realize it but it’s like a chronic disease (when you realize it, it’s too late).

So as to avoid your relation to fizzle out, ponder upon the given factors and realize where you are going wrong. Correct yourself before it’s too late.

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