Does True Love Exist In Men?

 Does True Love Exist In Men?

does true love exist in men

Love is supreme feeling two souls share together. So boundless and unconditional, so pure and limitless. Reserves no returns, asks no credits. But how the two promising souls get apart after being together for a definite period and agree to end their love in smoke for forever!

Answer to this very question may be agonizing but so true for a man to compel him perhaps. The question still remains question, Does True Love exist in men?

True love is found only where there are no rules and regulations specified; no expectations and no hopes yet a firm faith to love and to be loved. True love assumes to let your soul mate fly freely but with so strong bonding that it will be back to you at end of the day. True love is not about what you commit and fulfill, it’s about what you deem for her and how you regard her. It’s about priority, it’s about respect, it’s about listening her and it’s about understanding her timelessly.

Unfortunately, when these essentials of true love are vanished from men‘s life, the true love proportionally fades away in which the man is always a footstep ahead demolishing the state of prevailing love.

Is it the absence of true love in men! No, never. True love still exists in men but on the only condition he wishes to be followed. True love exists in men only when the better half obeys him. True love exists in men only when he is feasted with the desires he asks for. True love exists in men but when his egoistic nose is not getting down. True love exits in men when the soul mate has the same beliefs as his. True love exists in men when all his priorities are considered utmost. True love exits in men when the soul mate strictly walks on the defined rules by him. True love exists in men when he is always considered right in place. And last but not the least; True love exists in men when you tie yourself with him blindly and lifelessly-with no demands, with no self esteem. Here are 10 tips for men to enjoy relationships.

That’s how rather becoming “true love” it becomes “conditional love” for men with complete absence of “true love” in him indeed. Also read here Dating Tips to find true love in men.

It’s all about True Love Existing in Men…!!!

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