What Do Men Want In Women?

 What Do Men Want In Women?

What women think men want from them causing women to develop resentment and anger towards men and feel despair about ever developing a wonderful relationship. What men want from women causing them frustration? Here are some tips for a successful relationship.

Men wants honest communication:

This tip of the successful relationship suggests that men want an open, honest and frank relationship from women. They like women who could ask for her needs from them and tell the truth with kindness. Women who share with him frankly without being critical and protect their dignity.

Women think that men like them to be submissive and quiet about their wants and needs. Men want women to come over their sensitivity. However, women live under the impression that they will be rejected for speaking up. So this tip suggests for a successful relationship, men want straightforward, courageous communication without anger or criticism.

Men prefer confident women:

For a confident relationship, this tip suggest that ‘take relationship help’ from a close friend. Men want a woman to select out of want rather than out of desperation. They want life partners with separate identities and want women to be active and independent having their own separate circle of friends.
The tip suggests that for a successful relationship, men want confident and strong partners also.
Men want ‘control free’ relationship:

Men do not want ‘control freaks’ and do not women who can read their minds. They would like to move with their own pace. Women think that men need to be reminded of their priorities and do verbal criticism. This tip of the successful relationship suggests that you need to ask him without hesitation what you need and want in every area of your life.

Men want ownership:

For a successful relationship, the tip believes that men want a partner who is courageous, laugh at herself and has strength. To make a relationship work she has to be emotionally stable. Women think men are not interested in developing a relationship and don’t consider their mature warm-hearted personality. Men want women who are emotionally mature and can handle their emotional experiences and expressions well.

Men want faithful and committed life partners:

Women think that men cannot be faithful and do not stand with you in tough times. The tip states that good men know how to build a wonderful relationship, and they know loyalty is the main ingredient.

Men want women to know them:

In a relationship many women treat men in ways that diminish their egos, making them feel inadequate. Men would rather have more praise and acknowledgement from their loved ones rather women think that men do not need praise and flowery comments.

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