Why Princess Anne chatted with Prince Harry at the Coronation, despite being “furious” with him: royal expert

Princess Anne and Prince Harry

Princess Anne played a prominent role in King Charles and Queen Camilla’s coronation as a respected senior royal and “Gold-Stick-In-Waiting.” Leading the military procession, she also appeared with the royal couple on the Buckingham Palace balcony, with her positioning in the coronation portrait indicating King Charles’ deep respect for her.

During the ceremony, keen observers might have noticed a surprising exchange between Princess Anne and Prince Harry, catching their fellow royals off guard. Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond now claims that Princess Anne chose to have a private conversation with her nephew to avoid causing a public scene, although she is reported “absolutely furious” with him.

In an interview with OK!, Jennie shared her belief that Princess Anne possesses a straightforward and candid demeanor, much like her late mother, Queen Elizabeth, who had the ability to compartmentalize and focus on the task at hand, even during family turmoil. According to Jennie, Princess Anne likely adopted a similar approach during the coronation.

Jennie further speculated that Princess Anne’s decision to engage in a friendly conversation with Prince Harry, with whom she has reportedly had a good relationship over the years, was a natural choice to avoid a public confrontation. However, Jennie also expressed certainty that deep down, Princess Anne harbors anger towards Prince Harry for the alleged distress he caused Queen Elizabeth in her final years.

Queen Elizabeth passed away at Balmoral in September 2022, preceding the release of Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare.” However, the revelations from the Sussexes’ interview with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry’s appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast, and the announcement of the book all occurred during her remarkable reign.

Jennie suggested that Princess Anne may be deeply unhappy with Prince Harry’s allegations, but acknowledged that the coronation was not the appropriate time or place to address these issues. Despite any underlying tensions, Jennie affirmed that Princess Anne and Prince Harry appeared very relaxed together during the event.

The expert stated that while Princess Anne may have temporarily set her concerns aside, she is likely angered by the damage Prince Harry has done to the royal reputation, considering her own diligent work ethic.

Prince Harry’s attendance at the coronation marked his first public reunion with the Royal Family, including Princess Anne, since the publication of his memoir. It remains uncertain when they will next come face-to-face, as Princess Anne has been maintaining a busy schedule of engagements after the coronation, showcasing her hardworking nature.

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