King Charles ‘relieved’ over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s absence from his 75th birthday celebrations

king charles

King Charles reportedly finds solace in the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not participating in his 75th birthday celebrations, as indicated by a Royal Family expert.

Royal commentator Neal Sean suggests that the Royal Family is unfazed by the absence of Prince Harry and Meghan from the upcoming festivities, told the Daily Express

In his Fox News contribution regarding their non-participation, Sean states, “Let’s be clear; most senior members of the British monarchy are more than relieved by the news that the two former royals known as Harry and Meghan are simply not going to be returning for the birthday celebrations of His Majesty, The King.”

He further emphasizes, “The simple fact is, this news was a concern, but more importantly, who needs discord at a family celebration? This is the dilemma facing most senior family members: while His Majesty, the King, would very much like to reconcile with his son, this is a more significant issue.”

Reflecting on the historical context, Sean notes, “Five years ago, King Charles could never have anticipated exactly how this historic birthday would have unfolded. However, reaching such a milestone has made him realize, according to close sources, just how challenging life as a reigning monarch can be.”

Sean also addresses the King’s hopeful anticipation, stating, “He had hoped his troublesome younger son Prince Harry might have relented, and he would return home for such a landmark birthday.”

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