Prince Harry and Meghan Markle slammed for gas-guzzling trips

 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle slammed for gas-guzzling trips


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have come under intense scrutiny for their repeated use of high-emission transportation methods, drawing attention to a perceived contradiction between their environmental advocacy and personal choices. The situation was highlighted during an incident where former England rugby coach Eddie Jones playfully confronted Prince Harry about his environmental stance amidst reports of the royal couple’s use of private jets for travel.

The encounter took place as Prince Harry attended a training session of the England rugby team, a visit part of his responsibilities when he served as the patron for England’s Rugby Football Union. Eddie Jones, known for his straightforward and often humorous approach, took this opportunity to tease Harry about climate change, specifically mentioning a notable incident where Harry and Meghan were criticized for flying to Nice on a private jet provided by Elton John in 2019, despite their vocal support for environmental causes, told GB News.

Youngs said: “You know Prince Harry used to come in a little bit and watch us train? “I don’t know what we call him now. All of his titles have gone, haven’t they? “There was one time he was standing there and was saying something to the group and then Eddie was like, ‘how’s climate change going mate? how was Elton John’s jet?’ “That was quite good.”

The exchange was later recounted by England rugby player Ben Youngs during an appearance on the “For the Love of Rugby” podcast, which he co-hosts with fellow teammate Dan Cole. Youngs humorously noted that by sharing this story, they might have inadvertently put both Eddie Jones and Prince Harry in a tricky spot, highlighting the delicate balance public figures must maintain between their advocacy and their actions.

Prince Harry’s involvement with the England rugby teams included his tenure as the patron of the Rugby Football Union in 2016 and the Rugby Football League the following year, roles that underscored his commitment to the sport and its community. However, incidents like the one shared by Ben Youngs serve as reminders of the ongoing scrutiny faced by public figures, especially when their personal decisions seem at odds with their public statements on important issues such as climate change.

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