Prince Harry going against Meghan Markle to settle rift with royal family

Prince Harry
Image Source: Getty / MICHAEL BRADLEY

Prince Harry has garnered praise for his judicious approach as it has come to light that he allegedly intervened to prevent Meghan Markle from penning a potentially incendiary memoir, a move aimed at mending fences with the royal family.

Reports from New magazine have surfaced, citing an insider’s account that Prince Harry, who has previously hinted at having ample content for a sequel to his memoir “Spare,” has decided to abandon such plans. Furthermore, he has also dissuaded Meghan from proceeding with her tell-all book.

This development was highlighted by PR expert Mayah Riaz in a conversation with The Mirror, where she commended the Duke of Sussex’s actions as a wise strategy in their ongoing efforts to reconcile with the Royal Family.

Riaz interpreted this decision as an indication of Prince Harry’s desire to eschew further disputes and foster a more harmonious relationship with his relatives. According to New Magazine, Meghan, initially unsettled by Harry’s proposal, later reached an agreement with him.

The compromise reportedly involves Meghan channeling her efforts into authoring a book centered around female empowerment, diverging from any content that might stir controversy or exacerbate tensions with the Royal Family. This pivot allows Meghan to continue her advocacy for women’s issues through literature, without delving into narratives that could potentially aggravate familial relations.

Mayah Riaz commented on the couple’s mutual decision, noting that it enables Meghan to dedicate herself to a project that aligns with her passion for supporting women’s rights and achievements. This strategic shift not only averts the possibility of further discord with the Royal Family but also provides Meghan with an opportunity to contribute positively to discussions around female empowerment.

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