“The Duke of Sussex Hasn’t” Prince Harry Struggles to Move on from Royal Life, Unlike Meghan: Says Royal Author

 “The Duke of Sussex Hasn’t” Prince Harry Struggles to Move on from Royal Life, Unlike Meghan: Says Royal Author

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Prince Harry’s journey since relocating to the United States with his wife Meghan Markle has been markedly different from hers, according to insights from royal author Tom Quinn. While Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, appears to have adjusted and “moved on” from her royal life, Prince Harry seemingly has not found the same closure.

The Sussexes made headlines in 2020 when they stepped down as working royals and moved across the Atlantic. Their decision was followed by high-profile appearances, including an explosive interview with Oprah and a revealing Netflix series titled “Harry & Meghan,” which chronicled their experiences and challenges within the Royal Family. Despite these bold moves, Tom Quinn suggests that Harry’s adaptation to his new life in the U.S. has been less than smooth.

“Meghan appears to have moved on to some extent but then she was only part of the Royal Family for a relatively short time and she has far more to focus on in the States than her husband has,” he told The Mirror. “She’s the main driver for their commercial enterprises in the States, where, having taken the dog for a walk each morning, Harry has a little to do beyond brooding over the past,” he added.

Quinn points out that Meghan has successfully transitioned into her new role and life in the U.S., engaging in various activities that signify her move forward. In contrast, Prince Harry appears to still be grappling with his royal past and the dramatic changes in his personal and public life. This difference in adjustment has been evident despite the couple’s seemingly united front in public appearances and projects.

Living in Montecito, California, with their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, the Sussexes have carved out a new existence far from the royal spotlight. Yet, the shadow of their former lives looms large, especially for Harry, who has openly discussed the impact of his royal upbringing and the intense media scrutiny that came with it.

The implications of Harry’s struggle to move on are significant, not just for his personal well-being but also for his public persona and future projects. His ongoing connection to his past and the challenges it presents may continue to shape his and Meghan’s efforts to establish themselves independently of the royal framework they left behind.

As they navigate this complex transition, the contrast between Harry’s and Meghan’s adaptation to their new life continues to draw attention and speculation. It underscores the diverse ways individuals cope with profound changes and the lingering ties that can make moving on a complicated process.

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