Kate Middleton’s portrait attacked for ‘dreadful’ look

 Kate Middleton’s portrait attacked for ‘dreadful’ look

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Kate Middleton’s latest portrait has ignited significant controversy and dissatisfaction among her fans, who have labeled the artwork as a “dreadful” and “appalling error in judgment.” This portrait, curated for the July 2024 issue of a yet undisclosed publication, did not involve a new sitting by the Princess; instead, it was composed using a collection of past images.

The decision to create a portrait without a fresh sitting has been met with criticism, particularly because the artwork was intended to be significant. It serves as a follow-up to the July 2022 issue, which celebrated the late Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, an event marked by much fanfare and a series of memorable portraits that received widespread acclaim.

The negative reception of this latest portrait underscores the high expectations and deep respect fans hold for representations of the royal family, particularly in such commemorative contexts. The decision to use past images rather than conducting a new photoshoot has been perceived by many as a misstep, detracting from the uniqueness and authenticity that a direct portrait session could have offered.

According to Tatler, “- the two portraits inspired the new Akoje Residency in collaboration with the King’s Foundation, for African, Caribbean and diasporic artists to spend time at the King’s estate, Dumfries House in Scotland, to focus on their artistic practice.”

One fan even went as far as to write, “Such a disappointing portrait! Princess Kate is beautiful and the portrait should look like the healthy, happy Princess of Wales!”

“She has been through hell battling cancer! It is incredible that no one proofed this horrible painting before it was published!

She deserves love and support. Certainly, Someone in the royal family must have said that this portrait was unacceptable!!!”

“Tatler, please do the honorable thing. Get someone who is actually able to look at photos of Kate and paint a beautiful image of her that actually Looks Like Princess Katherine!”

“To do nothing would be dishonorable!” the social media user also went on to add.

Others also chimed in with their thoughts and admitted, “I could have done better with a sweeping brush”.

Similar sentiments were also shared by the third social media user who added, “This portrait is awful nothing like her. It’s got to be a joke, can’t believe this has been allowed and published. Tatler [heart eyes emoji] is obviously hoping for record sales!! What is going on here?”

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