Kate Middleton reported missing to UK police


The prolonged absence of Kate Middleton from the public eye over the past two months has fueled widespread speculation about the inner workings of the palace. The royal family’s silence on the Princess of Wales’ condition following her abdominal surgery last month has only intensified curiosity and concern.

This growing intrigue has united both ardent royal followers and casual observers on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. Under the hashtag #WhereIsKateMiddleton, thousands have shared their theories and concerns, turning the topic into a hotbed of speculation.

The situation escalated to the point where numerous individuals felt compelled to file official complaints with the police regarding the Duchess’s unexplained absence, treating it as a serious matter concerning the future Queen of England. In a lighter turn of events, a satire page mimicking Sandford Police on social media called for the public to refrain from filing missing person reports for Kate, highlighting the intensity of public interest and concern over her wellbeing and whereabouts.

Fellow X users appeared to mistake the post as serious, with one writing: “As taxpayers, we demand to know where she is.”

“Stanford police you have to step up!!” urged another.

However, others played along with the creator of the original post. “I know it’s a parody account, but this is hilarious…,” a user quote-tweeted.

“I saw her on a bike chasing a swan. I expect the full squad out and a substantial fine,” a second user joked.

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