Princess Kate recalls suffering a rare health condition during pregnancy

Kate Middleton
(Image: GETTY)

In a touching moment during a royal visit to The Orchard, a facility for children with special educational needs in Sittingbourne, Kate, the Princess of Wales, openly engaged in a candid discussion about her personal battle with hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness that often necessitates medical intervention.

The poignant admission came about during her Shaping Us campaign event on Wednesday, September 27, where Princess Kate was warmly engaging with families. The revelation occurred while conversing with Stephen Ikebuwa, who was in attendance with his son Nathan and shared his wife’s struggle with the debilitating condition during her pregnancy.

In response, Kate conveyed empathy and a visible emotional connection, having endured the same condition herself. “It was nice meeting her, and when I told her that my wife had hyperemesis gravidarum, it struck a chord with her,” Mr Ikebuwa remarked, noting the evident shift in her expression upon hearing his wife’s ordeal.

He recalled her hospital visit, where she previously alluded to her own struggle with the condition, and appreciated her genuine empathy towards his wife’s experience. Elegantly adorned in a red Zara blazer, black trousers, a beige top, and Boden shoes, and showcasing a stylish up-do with her new curtain fringe, Kate, known for her keen interest in early childhood development, also spent quality time interacting with the children present.

She offered sweet encouragement to three-year-old Beatrice during a playful interaction in a paper-shredding enrichment pit, exemplifying her nurturing spirit. The Princess’s initiative, founded out of a dedicated interest in the Early Years project, underscores the crucial impact of supportive environments for children during their initial five developmental years.

Princess Kate and Prince William are parents to three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis – and Kate’s sincere sharing about her own maternity challenges adds a deeply personal dimension to her advocacy for children and families.

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