King Charles hints at giving Prince Andrew a new role amid feud rumors with Prince William

 King Charles hints at giving Prince Andrew a new role amid feud rumors with Prince William

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During a recent royal family gathering at King Constantine’s memorial in Windsor, Prince Andrew appeared to take on a prominent role, drawing attention to himself as a potential leader within the British royal circle.

In the absence of King Charles III, Prince Andrew’s assertive demeanor and presence raised speculation about his potential elevation within the Firm, especially given the absence of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Prince William’s unexpected withdrawal from the memorial service for his godfather further stirred rumors regarding tensions between him and the monarch, particularly in light of concerns about his wife’s health, reported Daily Mail.

According to a source close to the royal family, this latest development within the Firm has sparked concerns and suggests underlying tensions within the palace.

“It seems as if something hurt the Prince of Wales as he canceled his memorial reading.” Few others called the move shocking as they said: “The King seemingly hinted at giving his younger brother Andrew a new role amid crisis within the family.”

“The disgraced royal appeared in high spirit as he led members of the royal family into the church and was also the first to greet the priest.”  Queen Camilla also arrived separately to attend the service at St George’s Chapel. 

Despite having stepped back from official royal duties two years ago, the 64-year-old Prince Andrew reportedly employed power dynamics to assert his authority, as noted by a body language expert.

According to Judi, Andrew’s gestures signified he wanted to ‘position himself in the role of leader’ of the British royal group, using ‘tactile and very dominant’ body language.”

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