Meghan Markle reeling from ‘outrageous’ snub amid Netflix troubles

 Meghan Markle reeling from ‘outrageous’ snub amid Netflix troubles

Photo Credit: AP Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry find themselves in a state of concern after becoming the subject of mockery on the animated series Family Guy, as reported by an insider. The Family Guy episode, which took aim at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex regarding their Netflix partnership, gained widespread attention for its humorous take on the couple’s lucrative deal with the streaming service.

Sources close to Meghan and Harry described the Family Guy satire as “savage” and deemed it an “outrageous slur,” as revealed by GB News. The couple is reportedly seeking a solution to address the situation, with the insider noting they are currently in a state of panic.

The Family Guy episode portrayed animated versions of Meghan and Harry lounging by a pool, with a butler handing the Duke a paycheck from Netflix. The humorous scene played on the perception that the couple is self-entitled and focused on financial gains.

The insider emphasized the impact of the mockery, stating, “What’s hit them hardest and cuts the deepest of all is that it plays up the whole notion they’re self-entitled grifters or spoilt brats.”

In the animated depiction, Harry is handed a paycheck from Netflix, and when asked about its purpose, he responds, “Put it with the rest of them.” Meghan receives a notification on her phone about a sponsored Instagram post for Del Taco, adding another layer of satire to the scene.

Despite the jest, the report points out an error in the Family Guy episode, as Meghan Markle does not have an Instagram account, contrary to the reference made in the satire. The couple had previously used the Instagram account @SussexRoyal, which was deactivated in 2020 when they stepped back from their roles in the Royal Family.

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