“Finding It Much More Difficult Than She Thought” Challenges Mount for Meghan Markle’s Lifestyle Brand

 “Finding It Much More Difficult Than She Thought” Challenges Mount for Meghan Markle’s Lifestyle Brand

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Meghan Markle has encountered significant challenges while attempting to assemble a professional team for her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, due to her exacting standards. According to royal commentator Angela Levin, who spoke with GB News, the Duchess of Sussex is struggling to fill key positions, including a CEO and a chief officer for the venture.

Levin highlighted the difficulties Markle has faced, noting, “She has had a lot of trouble finding a CEO and a chief for her new business venture,” and added that Meghan is “finding it much more difficult than she thought.” These comments underscore the complexities and high expectations associated with establishing a brand that aligns with Markle’s vision and public persona.

The royal biographer said, “She’s so demanding and they don’t really want that. These are chefs who have good jobs, and they’re not people who are learning.” Angela shared that the former working royal is “very upset about what is happening with this American Orchard Rivera, she is not happy about how it has been received.”

Speaking of Meghan’s empty website, Angela said, “Everyone said that she is in a jam. It is not moving forward.” “So it’s a bit of a stalemate, but she has got 150 things on her link, and she’s applied for a global patent,” stated the royal expert. Angela added that Meghan was “finding it much more difficult than she thought.”

The former actress and member of the British royal family made headlines with her return to Instagram, where she announced her new brand on Thursday, March 14, 2024. American Riviera Orchard is anticipated to encapsulate a range of lifestyle products that reflect Markle’s tastes and experiences, particularly drawing from her life in California since stepping back from royal duties.

However, the exact nature of her high demands and how they are impacting the recruitment process have not been detailed, leaving room for speculation about the type of leadership and creative direction Markle is seeking for her brand. Her venture into the lifestyle market is not just a business move but a significant part of her ongoing effort to carve out a personal and professional identity separate from her royal associations.

The challenges of launching a new brand are compounded by the public and media scrutiny that follows Markle, making her business endeavors particularly high-stakes. The difficulties in staffing may also reflect broader industry challenges or specific expectations set by Markle that align with her vision for an innovative and impactful brand.

As Meghan Markle continues to shape her post-royal career, the development of American Riviera Orchard will be closely watched by both supporters and critics. Her success or struggle in assembling a capable team will likely influence the brand’s strategic direction and potential impact in the competitive lifestyle market.

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