Meghan Markle Moves On While Prince Harry “Broods Over the Past,” Claims Royal Expert

 Meghan Markle Moves On While Prince Harry “Broods Over the Past,” Claims Royal Expert


Meghan Markle has shifted her focus away from her time in the Royal Family, but Prince Harry is reportedly still “brooding over the past,” according to a royal expert. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down as senior royals in 2020, a decision that significantly strained their relationship with The Firm after they made a series of explosive claims about life behind palace walls.

Although the royal feud has deepened over the years, royal author Tom Quinn believes Meghan has moved beyond the drama. Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Quinn suggested: “Meghan appears to have moved on to some extent, but then she was only part of the Royal Family for a relatively short time and she has far more to focus on in the States than her husband has.”

After stepping down from royal duties, Harry and Meghan relocated to Montecito, California. Quinn noted: “She’s the main driver for their commercial enterprises in the States, where, having taken the dog for a walk each morning, Harry has little to do beyond brooding over the past.”

Despite the ongoing tensions, the Duke of Sussex has made efforts to mend his fractured relationship with the Royal Family. He traveled to the UK in February to meet with King Charles after the monarch’s cancer diagnosis, and the pair shared a 30-minute conversation. However, Harry and Charles did not reunite during Harry’s recent trip to London, and Harry has yet to reconcile with his brother, Prince William.

Quinn previously told The Mirror that Harry is deeply affected by his estrangement from William and desires a better future for his children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. “We know that Harry’s deepest upset concerns not just his lack of relationship with George, Charlotte, and Louis, but also his own children’s lack of a relationship with their cousins,” Quinn explained.

He continued: “Harry and Meghan would love to get around the problem – they would love it if the cousins could meet regularly and have a positive relationship as they grow up, but they cannot see a way to do it while they themselves, Harry and Meghan, are estranged. Harry has said that he hopes the cousins can at least be friends as adults.” As Meghan focuses on new endeavors in the U.S., Harry’s struggle with the past and his strained family relationships remain significant challenges for the couple.

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