Meghan Markle to use Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet for publicity, Claims Royal Expert

 Meghan Markle to use Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet for publicity, Claims Royal Expert


Royal expert Tom Quinn has speculated that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are likely to bring their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, along on future international trips, which he describes as ‘faux-Royal’ tours. According to Quinn, the inclusion of their children would serve as a strategic move to capture positive publicity for the couple.

The assertion by Quinn points to a tactical use of family dynamics in shaping public perception and garnering media attention. This approach could potentially amplify the impact of their appearances and initiatives on the global stage.

Speaking with The Mirror, Quinn said, “Harry and Meghan are incredibly proud of their children, and when they are a little older and better able to travel, there is no doubt they will be taken on some of the couple’s tours.”

However, he noted that the Duchess of Sussex is “acutely aware of what a great look this will be – the charming royal couple with their charming royal children will attract the sort of publicity that Harry and Meghan crave, especially now that they are so determined to be billionaire entrepreneurs.”

Quinn said, “While Harry and Meghan go on with their increasingly prominent royal lives, Kate and William are left floundering and Meghan and Harry know it.”

However, Quinn also suggests that such moves by the Sussexes might cast a shadow over other royal family members, particularly the Prince and Princess of Wales. He notes that following the Sussexes’ successful trip to Nigeria, there is a growing sense of being overshadowed by the Waleses.

This dynamic within the royal family highlights the ongoing narrative of rivalry and media focus between the different branches of the family, as they navigate their respective public roles and personal branding on an international scale. The potential decision by the Sussexes to include their young children in their travels could further intensify this spotlight, adding layers to the already complex inter-family relations and public engagements.

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