Fashion for Men: Look Cool This Summer

 Fashion for Men: Look Cool This Summer

fashion-for-men-look-cool-this-summersummer 2011 has arrived and like women, men fashion and style trend has also changed. This article contains also trends for men this summer. Follow them and look cool this summer.

Summer 2011 makes its entry in latest fashion and style trends too. Men’s fashion and style trends for summer get as popular as fashion and style for women. The classic urban gentleman look with a little bit of twist takes a major part of fashion and style for men.
The look takes up by the use of chambray for clothing. It is the most in thing for clothing in this year’s fashion and style trends for men. Chambray is seen to be drooling over every piece of fashion and style for men starting from shirts to trousers, shoes to other accessories. Nothing can be a hotter fashion and style statement for the urban gentleman look than to have a chambray shirt with a crisp and colorful cotton handkerchief in the front pocket of the shirt.

This fusion of formal and casual dressing up is surely the look for the urban gentleman. Dolce and Gabbana have enthralled the runways for fashion and style with the most amazing chambray shirts for men this year. But if you are a Ralph Lauren lover then their timeless chambray shirts are a must have for you since they have been making one of the best chambray shirts since ages to maintain this timeless fashion and style.

Van’s made up of Chambray are a popular fashion and style trend in shoes. They look trendy and casual for a good summer look. If you are not OK with these then you can opt for the Polo shoes. They will make you look good and feel good too. Also, the look without socks is the “in thing” for fashion and style of summer 2011. The boat shaped shoes like Van’s and Polo are ideal for this look.

Interestingly, even though black is not a very hit color for fashion and style trends of summer but this year as every fashion and style trend is bringing up a new surprise, therefore, many designers bombarded the runways with lots of black clothing in their collections for summer 2011. So, try out black freely this summer may it be shoes, jackets, shirts, shorts or anything else because no matter it is summer, black is the part of hottest men’s fashion and style trends. Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana top the fashion and style designers to bring up black for summer 2011 to the runways with their classy collections.

Regional Prints are a must have fashion and style trend for clothing this summer. If you or your forefathers belonged to some Red Indian tribe or an interesting civilization of the past whose look can make you stand out in the crowd then make use of it for making a fashion and style statement this season. Now is the time to make use of all the cool and trendy regional and native prints for your wardrobe of summer 2011. This will not only make your parents happy that you are following their tradition but put you in the center of the latest fashion and style trends too. Jil Sander, Dolce and Gabbana and Etro are a few of those designers that have brought back the trend of native prints in fashion and style.

As summer time is a season for traveling and going out for vacations for many of us, therefore, make sure that you travel smartly. A good backpack is the necessity of you this summer season’s traveling and making a fashion and style statement at the same time. This will bring you a lot of ease in traveling as you can easily keep your stuff closer to you. There are millions of designs and looks that you can choose from for getting a nice backpack for yourself. Don’t forget that the native inspiration for this season rules here too and you can make a good use of native print backpacks for following up the fashion and style trends and putting up your important stuff closer to you while traveling in these backpacks. Gucci is the ultimate fashion and style statement for getting the perfect backpack for you.

Have a great and stylish summer ahead. Don’t forget to follow the hip and trendy fashion and style trends for summer 2011 and enjoy the summer holidays with an all new you in these latest looks!

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