Skinny Jeans- yes or no?

 Skinny Jeans- yes or no?

skinny jeans yes or noLike typical humans, denim never goes out of fashion. It only evolves to new horizons and undergoes experiments of aspirations and imaginations to be wrapped around your lower limbs and make you feel like you’re walking in your skin.

While the straight fit and the boot cut never went out of fashion and worked best in casual and formal wear, the latest innovation from the European, precisely the eastern European fashion industry have been skinny jeans.

Jeans that are meant to be wrapped around your legs like the female version of the tights and bracing your ankles just as well as they brace your hips. Skinny jeans for guys have boldly taken over the fashion industry worldwide with superstars, teenagers and party goers all adorning them with much enthusiasm.

Although there was initial reluctance amongst quite a few gentlemen in questioning the design of the pants, unlike other forms of denim, skinny jeans for guys were meant only for men with chicken shaped legs. Buffalo wings were always out of the questions and hence in regions with obesity as an issue there was still versatility in the denim production industry.

The wave of innovation along with the idea of skinny jeans for guys was mighty array of options in terms of shades of denim which were now being offered in colored skinny jeans.

Shades that were previously unacceptable or intriguing such as bright red and yellows are now commonly seen on the sides of streets in global metropolitan and even more men are beginning to embrace their feminine side by siding with even bolder statements such as aqua and leather shaded colored skinny jeans.

Whether to make a decision to purchase such a pair of skinny jeans for guys rests solely upon your circle of friends and weather you’re bold enough to take up a vibrant pair of colored skinny jeans or not. But for what it’s worth, take on a pair of skinny jeans for guys and put it on with a pair of nice pointed canvas shoes. Maybe throw a hat on top and you could end up scoring big with the ladies.

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