Tired of Jeans, Here’s Your Answer

 Tired of Jeans, Here’s Your Answer

It is not unusual to know that almost everyone owns a pair of blue jeans these days. The very reason for the ownership of at least a single jean can easily be attributed to the style, comfort and durability of the jeans. Blue jeans are more or less like the staple of men’s wardrobe these days and hardly there’d be anyone who’d deny the comfort and amazing fashion sense jeans give to a man. But most people think the opposite. They think that the jeans give a very casual look and aren’t adaptable to the workplace environment.

For such people, Khakis seem to be the possible answer. Khakis got the perfect solution for easy living as the Khakis got the adaptability of being the dress code of anywhere. Khakis are comfortable cotton pants that are usually sewn with a concept of extreme comfort and a formal look. Branded khakis resellers such as Dockers from Levi’s gave the Khakis a whole new look and have a wide range of Khakis for their customers to choose from. The range extends from the Never Iron Pants to the K-1 khakis, the rider’s edition.

Blue Jeans VS Khaki’s Pants

It is a debate amongst enthusiasts that whether Khakis take the lead in being the most comfortable pants or the jeans. Let us check on the both sides and see for ourselves.


Khakis got the biggest advantage of easy adaptability. Compliance to any sort of environment, Khakis can well suit anyone and can be on any occasion. If from a well reputed brand, e.g. Dockers, the level of comfort Khakis provide speaks from itself. The never-iron authority of Khakis has its wearers at a point of wearing it anytime without the hassle of ironing the pants. The Khakis are also seemingly wrinkle free with a forever crease that give the formal dudes a relax point at work.

Blue jeans

Blue jeans are the fashion mantra of the days. Be it any occasion, blue jeans got the ability to handle the fashion sense and sexual appeal of its wearer. Whether Stone-washed, fitted or boot-cuts, the point being that when it comes to choosing jeans, there is a plethora of options to choose from. The possibilities are endless and the styles all suited to enhance the masculine nature of men. The biggest thing is that jeans just go right with every type of shirt.

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