Top 5 Trends in Fashion Sunglasses for Men

 Top 5 Trends in Fashion Sunglasses for Men

Fashion sunglasses are one of the most popular fashion accessories and they change the entire look of a personality. Fashion sunglasses are ideal way to prevent direct sunlight and be a style statement at the same time. But it should be kept very carefully in mind that fashion sunglasses need to be chosen according to your particular face cut and physique. The fashion sunglasses cannot be chosen juts because they are in fashion. Their fit and style needs to match well with the personality of an individual.


Currently, in fashion sunglasses, aviators are the most popular trend and it is loved equally by men and women. It was a trend in fashion sunglasses which came in the 80’s and became a hit. This year, aviators have made a major come back and they look extremely sexy. In fashion sunglasses, aviators are also loved much after the Tom Cruise look in the movie Top Gun. It is a classic style of sunglasses for army men and many girls love their men to opt for this trend in fashion sunglasses.

The Shields

The shields are another favorite fashion sunglasses as they have a sporty feel to them and they are great for summer fashion sunglasses style too as they protect wonderfully for scorching heat and sunlight. Shields are those fashion sunglasses which look ideal with jackets, casual tops, hoods and jeans and trousers.


If you want lighter and subtle looking fashion sunglasses then rimless are the perfect choice for you. They are chic and fashionable and look good with any type of outfit which you prefer to wear.


Yes! The trend in fashion sunglasses much inspired by U2’s Bono is back in fashion and it’s time to grab fashion sunglasses that are tinted in your favorite colors. Browns and amber color is the most popular shade in tinted fashion sunglasses this season and it looks quite classy too.


If you are planning to spend a little extra on fashion sunglasses, then making a choice of titanium fashion sunglasses is not a bad idea. They are better, stylish, flexible and metallic; all those features that make them even more appealing.

So pick out your favorite choice amongst all the top 5 fashion sunglasses and create a sexy look of yours.

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