Lure your woman with 8 Sexy Fragrances

 Lure your woman with 8 Sexy Fragrances

lure your woman with 8 sexy fragrancesChanging perfumes is always sexy for it adds sparks in your body chemistry. So if you have used Cool Water long enough then it’s time for a little change to lure your girl with newer body fragrance. Carefully selected are our 8 picks for sexiest men’s fragrances. Read on if you want to make your girl go crazy with an utterly undeniable sexual appeal.

Sean John’s I Am King

This eccentric masculine fragrance is both fresh and sensual especially created for dynamic man who wants to dominate his woman with an undeniable masculine aura; its woodsy undertone will make your woman melt with an irresistible desire. When you will take a whiff, you couldn’t help but swoon a little. The scent is undoubtedly very powerful, just dab it on very lightly and see the passionate sparks it creates.

Calvin Klein’s CK One Summer

A perfect choice for summer romance, the fragrance would be versatile enough for you and your partner both. Little traces of woodsy undertones are enough to satisfy your masculinity while it’s lush and invigorating for the women as well.

Only the Brave by Diesel

The bottled up inside a fist shaped bottle whispers of power and masculinity. If you are a guy who can indulge into bar fights just to protect the honor and respect of your girl then this is the perfect choice for you to express your passion and possessiveness.

Euphoria for Men by Calvin Klein

This ultra sexy fragrance, especially created for your bedroom is equipped with hot notes of ginger, patchouli and amber. It whispers of a deliciously irresistible passion enough to make your woman go crazy with desire of sex.

Oceans Water Pure by Nautica

If you are a water baby, who can not resist the mysteriousness of ocean then this perfume is going to be an ultimate choice for you. Capturing the essence of the salty ocean air, this Nautica scent combines lemon tonic, florals, sea salt rose, lavender reef and geranium, making it a perfect mood refresher.

Reaction be Kenneth Cole

Just like its name, its fiery, will burn your girl with desire. Believe me your girl will want to rip your clothes off your body every time you get close to her with this fragrance. Extremely sexy this fragrance blends crisp apple and lime with earthly sandalwood.

Cartier Roadster

This super fresh scent is for the manly man who races cars and motorcycles. Take a whiff and it will invigorate you with its crisp notes of mint, patchouli and cashmere woods. Its refreshing fragrances will fill your mood with lively spirit of life.

Pure Perfume for Men by Clive Christian

The world’s most expensive fragrance is for the fanciest man. Not only is the bottle sophisticated with a brilliant cut diamond, its ingredients of bergamot, lime, mandarin, cardamom, thyme, jasmine, ylang ylang and sandalwood make it so lux and fancy that you are bound to love.


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