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Men's Grooming

Men’s Grooming to be a better Man

How to be a better Man, Tips for Men’s GroomingUnlike women, men’s grooming doesn’t really require constant effort on things like Makeup. Men’s grooming has more to do with keeping yourself maintained and neat. A few simple measures need to be taken on regular basis, and you are already on your way to be a better man.


How to be a better Man, Tips for Men’s Grooming

1. Keep your nose hair trimmed to be a better Man

A part of basic men’s grooming to be a better man, which is often ignored. All you need to do is keep a fine Nose Clipper beside your shaving kit. This is something that people tend to notice and should be taken care of, if you want to be a better man.

2. Keep your eyebrows trimmed to be a better Man

To be a better man, you have to consider it as a part of men’s grooming. Brush your eyebrows daily and have them professionally cleaned (not shaped). This plays a crucial role in men’s grooming.

3. Keep your ears and neck hair-free to be a better Man

Your barber can play a role here for you to be a better man. Men’s grooming is not restricted to fancy saloons. You don’t want people to be repelled.

4. Keep your nails clean and trimmed to be a better Man

This is something that everyone learns as a child, and as you grow, it becomes a part of men’s grooming. To be a better man, you need to look neat, and long nails never give out a good impression. Buffing your nails and having a manicure/pedicure once in a while is always a good idea.

5. Keep your teeth clean to be a better Man

For men’s grooming you should have straight and pearl white teeth might not be under your control, but keeping them clean always is. It’s extremely un-appealing to see plaque and bits of food on someone’s teeth while they are talking. To be a better man, this is probably the most important men’s grooming rule you need to learn.

6. Your clothes should fit your body be a better Man

When we talk about men’s grooming, it covers everything about men’s appearance. And clothes need attention if you want to be a better man. It’s never nice to wear clothes which are hanging loose. Have them tailored to fit your body.

7. Keep your back straight be a better Man

Sounds familiar? Yeah, this is probably something that your mom often told you. Learn to walk with dignity if you want to be a better man. Believe it or not, this is related to Men’s grooming too.

8. Use a good quality face wash on regular basis be a better Man

Keep your bathing soap separate and don’t use it on your face. Men’s grooming says that you need to have a better skin to be a better man. Keep a facial soap or face wash for daily use. Having your face cleansed to get rid of the dirt it absorbed all day is always a good idea.

9. Fragrance; Smell good, but don’t make them sneeze!

Ever had an experience when someone passed by and left a good smell behind him/her? This is why wearing a fragrance is a Men’s grooming tip. To be a better man, you don’t just have to smell good, but also make sure that the scent you are wearing is not making others uncomfortable.

10. Make sure your shoes and belt match! 

A lot of people forget to pay attention to this little detail which helps you to be a better manMen’s Grooming  is all about striving to be the perfect man, perfect men definitely don’t wear black shoes with a brown belt. These tips will help you in Men’s Grooming and also help you to be a better man.

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